This Is The Post That Never Ends or at least took a really long time (IFD pt. 2)

It has been more than half a year since the last post but at long last, this is the second half of the pictures from the IFD concert. Hooray! Since it’s been so long, unfortunately I’ll have to skip the summary for each group but really take my word for it, none of them need one.

The superb Skyfox







The magnificent MC Lars





And last but not definitely least the incredible I Fight Dragons







So it goes without saying that I’m super behind. But at least I have content! :D In fact I won’t be running out any time soon, so sit tight!

Getting a Good Vibe (IFD pt.1)

Once upon a time, many many moons ago last December, I Fight Dragons played at Vibe Lounge. It had been a while since I saw them last (I’ll mention more on that in the next post), so there was no question of whether or not I’d go see them. As it so happened, the show was opened by three local talents. I could probably write a dissertation on the pros and cons of not showing up until your main act comes on stage, but basically I will sum it up by saying, by doing that you will most likely miss out on discovering pretty cool new artists who could be right under your nose.

First to grace the stage was Space Cadet. With a fast and clever lyrical style, pay attention or this cheeky guy will sail right over your head.


Space Cadet and the Chicken Men?? 8D




Up next was a band called Three Chord Me, punk band from Massapequa with catchy tunes and a rather crazy and energetic lead singer.






After, we had Electric City Chargers, a punk/rock/something band with that kind of sound you just can’t go wrong with. The only thing that made me a bit sad was that their bassist got stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it, so I wasn’t able to get any shots of him. Alas, next time.






And that will be it for this post. I encourage you to click those links and check all these guys (and gal) out in the meanwhile! I will be keeping an eye out for sure. ttfn.

Woohoo for part two!

Take 2

So, when it comes down to it, I’ve just been pretty bad with keeping up. I’ve been away for a bit too long I know, but I think it’s what I needed to refresh and get my HP back up and the energy to dive in again. As I said in the last post, I still have some pictures to post from a December show which I’ve started going through again, and will post the first half of them this week. I just hadn’t had the time nor urge to work on them at all these past couple of months, which is unfortunate for the people I told to look out for them, hah. (Never fear though, I always had the intention to finish!) Plus, now I have more pictures from another show in March that I’m anxious to get started on so you can look forward to those as well in the coming weeks.

At any rate, if this is any indication of my future posting habits, then I think it’s safe to assume there will be periodic and unannounced extended absences every once in a while. But rest assured I will always return with rewards for your kind patience!

On Sandy Shores

Depending on where in the world you are (or how large of a rock you were under) you may or may not have heard of Hurricane Sandy which wrecked the northeast coast of the states the last week of October. As I live on the northeast coast of the states, I was inevitably affected, although temporarily–week and a half without heat/electric (I was able to stay with friends during the times I couldn’t stay home)–which is really nothing because even now people are still trying to fix what they can and replace what they lost. I wasn’t quite in any position where I could take photographs during the storm (nor did I want to be) but I have these from the aftermath. I would have posted them much earlier but things got a bit busy, combined with me procrastinating when I wasn’t…

The hurricane ended around late Tuesday night, and I took them along the way as I went back home that Wednesday (because my neighborhood had to evacuate and so I left during that time).

I can’t even begin to count the amount of downed trees and blocked streets I passed driving home. This is the first one that I encountered and which was enough to cause me to have to detour.


This one took some power lines down with it…


It looked pretty much like that the whole way, along with lots of water on lower-lying streets. I finally got to my neighborhood and I had no idea what to expect since I live very close to the water. I couldn’t drive down the main street so I had to go around, thanks to this guy (who stayed there for the next 5 days):


So going around, you can see this section of the street is still covered with water, and keep in mind this is Wednesday afternoon long after the storm ended.


Finally, I got to my street. You can still see that there was obviously a lot of water there up until very recently.


The house. At the bottom there is the water line where it came up to; the house was completely surrounded by water. As you can see, another foot higher and the first floor would have flooded. We were extremely lucky. Even on the same street people got some damage if their houses were on lower land, but our street was still one of the luckiest ones.


The most we lost was that bit of siding and the mailbox cover…


This is the canal which runs by the main street. You can see it overflowing over the dock and into the street and sidewalk where I’m shooting from. It never ever reaches anywhere near this level. Even at high tide it would still be feet below where those posts are in the middle.


Still on the main street by the canal. This is only about 3 or 4 blocks from my street. I was talking to a resident from one of these streets who said even that morning the water was still waist height. I believe all these houses got flooded.


One of the back streets, not as near to the canal as me, but on one of the blocks closer to the sea…



My thoughts and well wishes go out to those who suffered damages or losses due to the storm. I can only be glad that I can at least resume a normal life after all this… If anyone reading this wants to offer help–and it’s still needed–I think FEMA, Red Cross, or your local disaster relief is a good starting place.

Next post will be much less heavy… working on pictures from a concert two weeks ago so stay tuned folks.

If All the Raindrops Were Lemondrops and Giant Balloons (TDCC pt.2)

So, I think I’ve come upon a pattern. The more the audience sings, the more I enjoy a show. Much like the Empires concert over the summer, I started to realize that a large majority of people were singing along to all of the songs, not just select ones; and the more engagement there is with the audience, the more enthused the band gets, therefore putting on a better performance, which makes people happier, leading them to sing more… right?? It’s like… a chain reaction circle. (???) …I think the point I’m supposed to be making here is that this is absolutely added to my list of best concerts. Continuing from here, I bring you the last of the pictures from the show.

My favorite shot of the night…

Reach out and touch someone…

For the last song, “Eat That Up, It’s Good For You”, they had these huge balloons fall from the sky. It was amazing. I don’t think I was even able to get a shot that captured how awesome this was. On the way home there was a guy on the subway with one. Rather unwieldy but to be honest I would have kept one too if I could. >_>

After that spectacular display the fans weren’t quite ready to be done yet, so they came back and gave us three last songs before finally ending the night.

And that’s it for this post! Now to get back to what I was working on before. Backlog everywhere, oh my…

Two Door Rose (TDCC pt.1)

It appears my plan to post in the middle of “next week” didn’t quite pan out as intended. In fact, I still have some things to go through and post which happened before this concert, but I really wanted to put these up these first.

So, at long last, I finally got to see Two Door Cinema Club live! It was an interesting thing, because I spent the whole day walking in the city with some friends before the show, and it was raining on and off all day, so I got to Rumsey Playfield with my feet already massively hurting, and praying we wouldn’t all get drenched. But by some strange sorcery, all the pain went away once they started playing and it didn’t rain at all during the show. :D However, before all that there were two opening bands before TDCC came on: Guards, followed by Friends.

I’m not even sure what genre to say Guards were… old style rock & roll bluegrassy alternative something? Fun to listen to, but by the time they were done the crowd was already pretty antsy. Honestly though, I thought the opening bands did go on a bit longer than usual… (I think it was all part of the plan. I came to the conclusion that TDCC are just huge trolls, and I still love them. :/)

“We’re Friends!!!” It was the most amusing thing when she announced that. Heavily bass/drum driven, minimal guitar and 70′s groove-y sound…

I would have taken more pictures of Guards and Friends, but I was super prepared and forgot to charge my battery the night before so I showed up with one bar. Turns out my battery lasted, but my flash cards didn’t, so towards the end I was deleting old pictures while photographing. Hah! I don’t believe myself sometimes. Anyhow, finally, the boys came on stage and everyone went nuts~

And that is what I have ready for you at the moment. I’ll post the other half pretty soon with the rest of the pictures, which includes some of my favorite shots from that night. (Saving the best for last?) So don’t go too far!

The Final Tempest (CSH pt.3)

It turns out I am a bit later with this post than I intended… I meant to post this last weekend but it didn’t quite work out that way. >_< Anyhow, continuing from where I left off, after I took those pictures we all met back up at our picnic spot and just kind of relaxed. And then, after about an hour and a half, the wind picked up a bit and thin clouds started coming from one side of the sky which slowly grew. It was very gradual too, I think it took about an hour before the rain actually started.  (Oh and as an aside, during the course of the day the tide receded little by little… it’s kind of an amazing feeling to stand somewhere that would have had at least waist-high water just mere hours ago.)

Rolling in…

Not as many pictures this time, because there is only so much you can do while being restricted to stay under a shed. But it was a good heavy storm, and it was interesting too to see the effect the rain droplets had on the surface of the water. :)

Because of all the stuff, I haven’t even started on my next batch of pictures for the next post yet. ;_; But I’ll see if I can get it out by the middle of next week. Stick around!

The Bird and the Branch (CSH pt.2)

On a beach as nice as this one, and on a day as sunny as this one, you kind of come to expect to see those picturesque scenes like those from travel brochures. Well, we promptly got rid of that idea after that line of dead horseshoe crabs neatly in a row from the last post. But that was just a one-off thing right? The rest of the beach was copy-pasted from a travel brochure right? …Wrong!

Not even one minute down the beach from our crab friends I came across this lovely view here.

Yes. It’s a sea bird carcass hanging off a dead branch. Oh. Okay. …….Wait, what??

I don’t quite understand why the ribcage is where it is while the wings are where they are, and I don’t quite want to.

I don’t even know where to begin… Oh hey it’s you guys again because the scene wasn’t morbid enough on it’s own. Thanks you really do a swell job!

Right. Moving along!

Branches and patterns in wood grain kind of show a life and a history don’t you think? It’s neat.

And one last panorama~

Next post will be the unexpected conclusion to this wonderful trip. Hang tight!

Beasts of Legend (CSH pt.1)

Some time last month I went with my coworker and some of her friends on a picnic outing. We went to this small beach in Cold Spring Harbor known mostly by just the people who work at the labs there. It was a gorgeous sunny day so of course, I brought my camera to make the most of it. I thought I would upload all the pictures at once but I realized while I was going through them that this will have to end up being broken into two or three parts. So, here is the first set~

One of the first things I noticed was how the beach (at least on this section) was mostly fine, colorful pebbles and shells. Very pretty, but not particularly comfortable when the waves wash them into your sandals…

I had walked all the way down as far as I could in one direction until I came up to a fallen tree whose branches blocked the path, and then turned around. I had to cross this boardwalk to continue to the other end of the beach (and if you follow this boardwalk behind me you would come to a large shed/covered are where we had stationed ourselves) and found this long-dessicated guy on the side here. Later I would come to realize that there were dead horseshoe crabs all over the place.

Like this. Really?? Who even does this? Lol…

I was beginning to think horseshoe crabs might elusive mythical beasts until… !!!

I think it is entirely possible that they can’t read.

Head on over to part 2.

Whiny Weasels and Suspicious Swans

A few weeks ago I went into the city on a little excursion with a couple friends. One of the stops we made was the Central Park Zoo. I’d never been there before and I didn’t even consider there would be such a huge space set aside for a zoo there. It was also super hot and muggy that day and of course much of the zoo is outdoor temperature… Down the block was some street fair going on, not sure what it was for but I got a smoothie there which was surprisingly good. Anyway, here are a few pics I took of some of the animals I found interesting!

Hey, I’m bored…


Ok ok don’t be mad :(

This bird was quite a model. There was another man taking pictures of it and it seemed to just be standing there posing prettily and changing it’s angle ever so slightly every now and then.

Never trust a swan that smiles at you. Check for your wallet before you leave.


It was interesting photographing through glass like this.. but I kind of like the effect. And sea lions are faster than you think!

This post was a bit short, but consider it an interlude for the photos from 7/4 adventures next time~


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